Combine 8 Bank Officer Exam Question Solution 2022

Bank exam Question Solution

Combine 8 Bank Officer Exam Question Solution 2022: The Question Solution for the Combine 8 Bank Officer Exam 2022 has been released. Our educational team has released Combined 8 Bank Exam Question Solution 2022. Combined 8 Bank Exam Question Solution 2022 is encouraging news for Bangladeshi job seekers. Below you can find all of the details for the Combined 8 Bank Exam Question Solution 2022. Bangladesh’s Bankers Selection Committee Secretariat (BSCS) is a government-run organization.

This exam has been held on 21 January 2022. Since you’re seeking for Exam Question Solution. That’s why we have written this article for you today. You can get easily your expected exam Question and solution on our website. you may get the solution to this question in two formats: image and pdf, just here. In this situation, more manpower is required for their services. Bangladesh Bank published a huge number of employment circulars on their official website and in the daily newspapers a few days ago. For many Bangladeshi job seekers, this was wonderful news. The candidate then makes preparations for an online application.

Bangladesh Bank is the central bank of our country, and it is in charge of all other banks. The majority of job candidates aspire to work for this bank because it is a prestigious employer. Bangladesh Bank began its journey nearly 49 years ago. After then, it’s all about doing things with good hands. This bank is entirely owned by the government. Because it is of particular importance to job seekers, we have created this post titled Bangladesh Bank Officer General Question Solution 2022.

Bangladesh Bank Exam Question Pattern

Applicants who will be taking the next exam are highly interested in learning the question pattern. Because they are completely unaware of the situation and question pattern. Additionally, we will share it with you. Bangladesh Banka question pattern was MCQ. Know about job exams in detail before participating in job examinations. I think it is helpful for you. This will help you to understand how you should prepare. In this test questions come from Bengali, English, Mathematics, and General Knowledge. The total marks are 80. Of these, 20 are in Bengali, 20 in English, 20 in Mathematics, and 20 in General Knowledge and ICT.

Combine 8 Bank Officer Exam Question Solution PDF

Are you looking for 8 bank officers General exam Question Solutions Exam Question Solution PDF formate? You are coming right place. You can easily download this exam question solution on your own device. if you read and write regularly you can answer all questions easily. I have given below the questions of this exam and their questions and solutions are useful for your other exam. We provide all govt jobs exams questions solutions. If you get to this exam question solution pdf. Please click the link below-

বাংলাদেশ ব্যাংকের ৮ ব্যাংকের প্রশ্ন ও সমাধান

Combine 8 Bank Officer Exam Question Solution (বাংলা অংশের সমাধান)

বাংলা অংশের সমাধানঃ

১। ‘মৃত্যুঞ্জয়’ শব্দটির সন্ধিবিচ্ছেদ কি?

উত্তরঃ মৃত্যুম্ + জয়

২। ‘ভূষণ্ডির কাক’ বাগধারাটির সঠিক অর্থ কোনটি?

উত্তরঃ  দীর্ঘজীবী

৩। ‘কাছা ঢিলা’ বাগধারাটির সঠিক অর্থ কোনটি?

উত্তরঃ অসাবধান

৪। ‘অহি’ শব্দটির সমার্থক শব্দ কোনটি?

উত্তরঃ সাপ

৫। নিচের কোনটি রবীন্দ্রনাথ ঠাকুরের লেখা উপন্যাস?

উত্তরঃ চতুরঙ্গ

৬। ‘কাননে কুসুম কলি সকলি ফুটিল’-এই বাক্যে ‘কাননে’ কোন কারকে কোন বিভক্তি?

উত্তরঃ অধিকরণে ৭মী

৭। ‘সমুদ্র’ শব্দটির প্রতিশব্দ কোনটি?

উত্তরঃ জলধি

৮। ‘আলো’ শব্দটির প্রতিশব্দ নয় কোনটি?

উত্তরঃ তমিস্র [তমিস্র অর্থ অন্ধকার]

৯। আকাশলীনা কাব্য কার লেখা?

উত্তরঃ জীবনানন্দ দাশ

১০। ‘মেঘের মত নাদ যার- মেঘনাদ’ কোন সমাস?

উত্তরঃ মধ্যপদলোপী বহুব্রীহিঃ

১১। ‘এক থেকে আরম্ভ করে’ বাক্যটির সংকোচিত রূপ কি?

উত্তরঃ একাদিক্রমে

১২। ‘দুঃখ’ কোন প্রকার বিশেষ্য পদ?

উত্তরঃ গুণবাচক

১৩। ‘দুঃখ বিনা সুখ লাভ হয় কি মহীতে’- এই বাক্যের অব্যয়টির নাম কি?

উত্তরঃ অনুসর্গ অব্যয়

১৪। ‘আস্থা’ এর বিপরীতার্থক শব্দ কোনটি?

উত্তরঃ অনাস্থা

১৫। এক কথায় প্রকাশ কর- ‘পাখির ডাক’

উত্তরঃ কুজন

১৬। নিচের কোনটি দেশী শব্দ নয়?

উত্তরঃ সূর্য

Combine 8 Bank Officer Exam Question Solution (ইংরেজি অংশের সমাধান)

১৭। Choose the incorrectly spelt word:

উত্তরঃ Occassion

১৮। The antonym of “Cynical” is –

উত্তরঃ Gullible

১৯। The synonym of “Munity” is –

উত্তরঃ Revolt

২০। “Once in a blue moon” means

উত্তরঃ Very Rarely

২১। Choose the correct meaning of the idiom: “ Kith and kin”

উত্তরঃ Blood Relations

২২। The three-year old was —– in her refusal to taste spinach.

উত্তরঃ Resolute

২৩। Rahima’s legs were so severely injured in the accident that she did not become fully — again until more than a year.

উত্তরঃ Ambulatory

২৪। The synonym of “Inadvertent” is —

উত্তরঃ Unintended

২৫। We often —– victim of circumstances.

উত্তরঃ Fall

২৬। The police is looking —- the case.

উত্তরঃ Into

২৭। The more haemoglobin one has, the more oxygen is carried to — cells.

উত্তরঃ One’s

২৮। I succeeded —- the task myself.

উত্তরঃ In Doing

২৯। Ivanka speaks English fluently; —- she knows French.

উত্তরঃ Moreover

৩০। The antonym of ‘promulgate’ is

উত্তরঃ Suppress

৩১। We were surprised —- his failure.

উত্তরঃ At

৩২। You can count — him to get the job done.

উত্তরঃ On

Combine 8 Bank Officer Exam Question Solution (গণিত অংশের সমাধানঃ)

৩৩। You have saved 135 Taka by purchasing a blanket with 15% discount on it. What is the quoted price of the blanket in Taka?

উত্তরঃ 900

৩৪। (7+7)2 =

উত্তরঃ 28

৩৫। The value of -3-(-10) is how much greater than the value of -10-(-3)?

উত্তরঃ 14

৩৬। Which of the following is a prime number?

উত্তরঃ 2

৩৭। What will be the fraction of 4%.

উত্তরঃ 1/25

৩৮। Aslam bought 5 apples at Taka 10 and sold 4 apples at Taka 10. What will be the rate of profit?

উত্তরঃ 25% 

৩৯। What is the value of x in the equation 3x-15-6=0?

উত্তরঃ 7

৪০। If the cost price is 25% of selling price, then what is the percentage of profit?

উত্তরঃ 300%

৪১। If 18 is 15% of 50% of a certain number, what is the number?

উত্তরঃ 240

৪২। If (x+y)=8 and (x-y)=6, What is the value of xy?

উত্তরঃ 7

৪৩। How many miles can a motorist travel from 9:55 am to 10:15 am at a speed of 40 miles per hour?

উত্তরঃ 13.33 Mile

৪৪। A man travels for 2 hours at 30 miles an hour and he covers 60 miles in the next 3 hours. What is the average speed per hour for the entire trip?

উত্তরঃ 24 M/H

৪৫। The average age of a family of 6 members is 25 years. After a 45-year old member leaves the family, what is the average age (in years) of the family?

উত্তরঃ 21

৪৬। Which of the following numbers cannot be the last digit of a squared number?

উত্তরঃ 2

৪৭। 90 is 75 percent of which number given below?

উত্তরঃ 120

৪৮। If 4(x-2/3)=0, what is the value of x?

উত্তরঃ 2/3

৪৯। Which one of the following fractions is greater than ½?

উত্তরঃ 4/7

৫০। Sum of the interior angles of parallelogram is ——- degree.

উত্তরঃ 360°

৫১। The area of a rectangle is 40 cm2 and one of its sides is 8 cm long. What will be its perimeter?

উত্তরঃ 26 cm

৫২। If each side of a rectangle is increased by 20%, the increase in the area of rectangle will be ————.

উত্তরঃ 44%

Combine 8 Bank Officer Exam Question Solution (সাধারণ ও আইসিটি অংশের সমাধানঃ)

৫৩। Which of the following is a social media company?

উত্তরঃ Linkedin

৫৪। What is the smallest unit of data transmission?

উত্তরঃ Bit

৫৫। Which of the following is C2C e-commerce platform?


৫৬। The full form of “Wi-Fi” is:

উত্তরঃ Wireless Fidelity

৫৭। What does Fin Tech stand for?

উত্তরঃ Financial Technology

৫৮। USB stands for—-.

উত্তরঃ universal serial bus

৫৯। 1024 Terabyte=

উত্তরঃ 1 Petabyte 

উত্তরঃ ostrich

৭৫। What is the capital city of Uganda?

উত্তরঃ Kampala

৭৬। Amartya Sen received Nobel Frize in-

উত্তরঃ 1998

৭৭। The winner of the Nobel Prize in Economics in 2021

উত্তরঃ Joshua Angrist

৭৮। The length of Padma Bridge is—

উত্তরঃ 6.15km

৭৯। The number of Stock Exchanges is Bangladesh is—

উত্তরঃ 2

৮০। The forest Prime Minister of Bangladesh Mr. Tajuddin Ahmad was born is

উত্তরঃ Gazipur

Combine 8 Bank Officer general Exam Result

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