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Security Printing Corporation Bangladesh Limited

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Security Printing Exam Question Solution Question Type

Security Printing Exam Question Solution, on the other hand, is of the MCQ type. You must respond to questions on a variety of topics, including Bangla, English, Mathematics, and General Knowledge. Security Printing Exam Question Solutions are not particularly difficult. You will be able to get the Security Printing Exam Question answer with ease if you can keep your head cool and practice on a regular basis. If you are unable to do so, we are here to support you with the solutions. I will provide question solutions of maths, English, Bangla, General knowledge.

Security Printing Exam Post Name And Vacancy:

  1. Assistant Manager (General) – 10
  2. Assistant Engineer (Mechanical)-01
  3. Assistant Engineer (Civil)-01
  4. Assistant Engineer (Electrical)-01
  5. Assistance Maintenance Engineer-01
  6. Assistant Manager (Technical)-01
  7. Assistant Manager (Examination)-01
  8. Medical Officer-01
  9. Assistant Manager (Engraving)-01
  10. Assistant Manager (Designing)-01
  11. Security Officer-01

Total Vacancy: 20

Security Printing Corporation Bangladesh Limited

পদের নাম: Data Entry Operator

Total Vacancy: 10

Exam Date: 26 November 2021

Exam Time: 10.00 PM to 11.00 PM

Security Printing Exam Question Solutions (বাংলা অংশের সমাধান)

১. বাংলা ভাষার প্রথম ব্যাকরণ বাংলাদেশের কোন অঞ্চলে রচিত হয়?

উত্তরঃ গাজীপুর

২. বাংলা একাডেমী প্রকাশিত প্রমিত বাংলা বাানানের নিয়ম প্রথম কত সালে প্রকাশিত হয়?

উত্তরঃ ১৯৯৪ সালে

৩. প্রাতিপদিকের সঙ্গে কোন শব্দের সম্পর্ক বিদ্যমান?

উত্তরঃ নামবাচক

৪. ‘কবি কবি ভাব কিন্তু ছন্দের অভাব’- এখানে কবি কী অর্থে ব্যবহৃত হয়েছে?

উত্তরঃ উপহাস অর্থে

৫. ’শূন্যপুরাণ’ হলো-

উত্তরঃ ধর্মীয় তত্ত্বের গ্রন্থ

৬. বিদ্যাপতি কোন ভাষায় পদ রচনা করেছেন?

উত্তরঃ  মৈথিলি ভাষা

৭. মর্সিয়া শব্দটি কোন ভাষা থেকে এসেছে?

উত্তরঃ আরবি

৮. পুঁথি শব্দটি কোন ভাষা থেকে এসেছে?

উত্তরঃ মিশ্র

৯. ‘অভিরাম’ শব্দের অর্থ কী?

উত্তরঃ সুন্দর

১০. বাংলা কৃৎ প্রত্যয় সাধিত শব্দ কোনটি?

উত্তরঃ  মোড়ক

১১. ‘Excise duty’-র পরিভাষা কোনটি?

উত্তরঃ  আবগারি শুল্ক

১২. ধাতুর পর কোন প্রত্যয় যুক্ত হলে ভাববাচক বিশেষ্য বুঝায়?

উত্তরঃ  আই

১৩. ‘হাত-ভারী’ বাগধারাটির অর্থ কী?

উত্তরঃ  কৃপণ

১৪. ‘বৃষ্টি পড়ে টাপুর টুপুর নদে এল বান’- এখানে ‘টাপুর টুপুর’ কোন ধরনের শব্দ?

উত্তরঃ  ধ্বন্যাত্মক শব্দ

১৫. ‘দ্যুলোকে’ শব্দের সন্ধি বিচ্ছেদ কোনটি?

উত্তরঃ  দিব + লোক

১৬. গুরুচণ্ডালী দোষযুক্ত কোনটি?

উত্তরঃ  শবদাহ [প্রশ্নটি হবে গুরুচণ্ডালী দোষমুক্ত কোনটি?]

১৭. ‘সে চোখে হলুদ ফুল দেখছে’ বাক্যটিতে কোন ধরনের ভুল রয়েছে?

উত্তরঃ  প্রবচনের অপপ্রয়োগ [সঠিক প্রয়োগঃ সে চোখে সরষে ফুল দেখছে]  

১৮. ‘অগ্নি’ শব্দের সমার্থক কোনটি?

উত্তরঃ  কৃশানু

১৯. ‘অঞ্চল’ শব্দটি কোন শ্রেণির?

উত্তরঃ তৎসম

২০. ‘Ballad’ কী?

উত্তরঃ গীতিকা

Security Printing Exam Question Solutions (ইংরেজি অংশের সমাধান)

২১. The ring is made ____ gold. Fill in the blank with the appropriate prepositions.

উত্তরঃ  of

২২. “My watch has been lost”- Change the sentence into active.

উত্তরঃ  I have lost my watch.

২৩. He said that he ____ attend the class. Use the correct form of tense in the blank.

উত্তরঃ  would

২৪. Which of the following sentence is correct?

উত্তরঃ  No news is good news.

২৫. He is ___ university student. Fill in the blanks with the correct article.

উত্তরঃ  a

২৬. What is the antonym of the word ‘indigenous’?

উত্তরঃ  foreign

২৭. What is the synonym of the word ‘perpetual’?

উত্তরঃ  permanent

২৮. ‘The day is declining.’ What is the Bengali meaning of the sentence?

উত্তরঃ  বেলা পড়ে আসছে।

২৯. What is the correct spelling of the following word?

উত্তরঃ  Bourgeois

৩০. ‘Ecclesiastical’ is a term related to

উত্তরঃ  Church

৩১. Do not trust a man who blows his own trumpet.

উত্তরঃ  praises himself

৩২. Find out the Adjective of the word “Season”?

উত্তরঃ  Seasonal

৩৩. ‘Misogynist’ means-

উত্তরঃ  a hater of women

৩৪. Fill in the blank of the sentence: ‘It has been over three centuries __ Shahajahan __ the Tajmahal.

উত্তরঃ  since, built

৩৫. What is the feminine gender of “Bullock”

উত্তরঃ  heifer

৩৬. He confessed his crime. (Make it Complex)

উত্তরঃ  He confessed that he was guilty

৩৭. Past participle of ‘Wear’ is-

উত্তরঃ  Worn

৩৮. One who has contempt for human nature, is known as-

উত্তরঃ  Cynic

৩৯. A mournful poem written on the death of someone loved and lost is-

উত্তরঃ  Elegy

৪০. Everyone in the group shook hands with_____.

উত্তরঃ  one other

Security Printing Exam Question Solutions (সাধারণ জ্ঞান অংশের সমাধান)

৪১. Which one was the Naval Sector in the liberation war of Bangladesh?

উত্তরঃ  10

৪২. In which Indians state “Bharat Bangla Maitri Uddan” is located?

উত্তরঃ  Tripura

৪৩. Dead Sea is a-

উত্তরঃ  Lake

৪৪. “Concurrent two-Factor Identity Verification” is biometric identification system that would require-

উত্তরঃ  facial identity and facial motion

৪৫. Where did Leonardo da Vinci draw his famous fresco “The Last Supper”?

উত্তরঃ  Milan

৪৬. What was the title of the largest “Crop-field-mosaic” the Guinness World Record recognized recently?

উত্তরঃ  Shasyachitre Bangabandhu

৪৭. What was the former name of Bhasan Char?

উত্তরঃ  Thengar Char

৪৮. How many Electoral College vote did Joe Biden secure in the last US Presidential elections?

উত্তরঃ  306 [Trump 232]

৪৯. Which of the following constitutions is labeled as “Peace constitution?

উত্তরঃ  Japanese constitution

৫০. Which of the following countries is a G4 Country?

উত্তরঃ  Germany

৫১. World Refugee Day is celebrated on-

উত্তরঃ  20 June

৫২. Which of the following countries is not an UN member?

উত্তরঃ  Taiwan

৫৩. Which of the following SDG goals speaks about women empowerment?

উত্তরঃ  SDG5

৫৪. Who is the pioneer of the idea of Gross National Happiness (GNH)?

উত্তরঃ  Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck

৫৫. Which of the following Bengali scientists is famous for inventing Mercurous Nitrite?

উত্তরঃ  Prafulla Chandra Roy

৫৬. What reason did the military show for the recent coup in Myanmar?

উত্তরঃ  Poll Irregularities

৫৭. Nollywood refers to-

উত্তরঃ  Nigerian film industry

৫৮. Who is the pioneer of Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

উত্তরঃ   John McCarthy

৫৯. What type of research institution NIPORT is? 

উত্তরঃ  Population Research

৬০. What type of crops named ‘Balake’ is?

উত্তরঃ  Wheat

Security Printing Exam Question Solutions (গণিত অংশের সমাধান)

৬১. N can do a piece of work in 80 days. He works at it for 10 days and then M alone finishes the remaining work in 42 days. In how much time will N and M workings together, finish the work?

উত্তরঃ  30 days

৬২. A wheel that has 6 cogs is meshed with a larger wheel of 14 cogs. When the smaller wheel has made 21 revolutions, the number of revolutions made by the larger wheel will be-

উত্তরঃ  9

৬৩. If a, b, c are the lengths of the sides of a triangle, Then which of the following is true?

উত্তরঃ  a -b < c

৬৪. A number consists of 3 digits whose sum is 10. The middle digit is equal to the sum of the other two and the number will be increased by 99 if its digits are reversed. The number is-

উত্তরঃ  253

৬৫. The batting average for 40 innings of a cricket player is 50 runs. His highest score in an innings exceeds his lowest score by 172 runs. If these two innings are ecluded, the average score of the remaining 38 innings is 48 runs, Find his highest score in an innings-

উত্তরঃ  174 runs

৬৬. What is the greatest prime factor of (2⁴)² – 1?

উত্তরঃ  17

৬৭. A number X is divided by 7. When this number is divided by 8, 12, and 16, it leaves a remainder 3 in each case. The least value of x is?

উত্তরঃ  147

৬৮. If x² – 4x + 3 = 0, then what is the value of (x-2)²? 

উত্তরঃ  1

৬৯. The sum and difference of the L.C.M and H.C.F of the two numbers are 592 and 518 respectively. If the sum of the numbers be 296, find the product of the numbers.

উত্তরঃ  20535

৭০. What is the value(s) of p such that 4x² – px + 9 is a perfect square?

উত্তরঃ  +- 12

৭১. A train is moving at the rate 8 mi/h along with a piece of circular track of radius 2500ft. Through what angle does it turn in 1 min?

উত্তরঃ  0.12816 Rad or 16.13 Degree

৭২. If 9²ˣ⁺¹ = 81. then x = ?

উত্তরঃ  1/2

৭৩. A man in a train notice that he can count 21 telephone posts in one minute. If they are known to be 50 meters apart, then at what speed is the train travelling?

উত্তরঃ  60 kmph

৭৪. If (6x – y,13) = (1,3x +2y), then value of (x,y)?

উত্তরঃ  (1,5)

৭৫. A tradesman sold an article at a loss of 20%. If the selling price had been increased by 100 taka, there would have been a gain of 5%. What was the cost price of the article?

উত্তরঃ  400 TK.

৭৬. If f (x) = x/x-2 then value of f-1 (2)?

উত্তরঃ  4

৭৭. Find two numbers such that their mean proportional is 6 and third proportional is 20.25.

উত্তরঃ  4, 9

৭৮. If x2+4x+3 is odd, then which one of the following could be the value of x?

উত্তরঃ  16

৭৯. A student was asked to find the arithmetic mean of the numbers 3, 11, 7, 9, 15, 13, 8, 19, 17, 21, 14 and p. He found the mean to be 12. What should be the number in place of p?

উত্তরঃ  7

৮০. After getting two successive discounts, a shirt with a lush price of 150 taka is available at 105 taka. If the second discount is 12.5%, find the first discount.

উত্তরঃ  20%

৮১. Which is the correct factor analysis of 2√2x3 + 125.

উত্তরঃ  (√2x+5) (2×2 + 5√2x + 25)

৮২. If Q/P=14, What is the value of P+Q/P-Q?

উত্তরঃ  5/3

৮৩. The difference between the present ages of A and D is 14 years. Seven years ago, the ratio of their ages was 5:7 respectively. What is D’s present age?

উত্তরঃ  56 years

৮৪. If one factor of 2x4–5a3+6a2-5a+2 is (a-1). What the other factor?

উত্তরঃ  2a2-a+2

৮৫. ∠A and ∠B are supplementary angles. If ∠A = 115 then ∠B = 

উত্তরঃ  65 Degree

৮৬. If 3x – 5y = 5 and x/ x+y= 5/7then what is the value of x-y is

উত্তরঃ  3

৮৭. What is the factor of x3-3x2+4x-4?

উত্তরঃ  (x-2) (x2 -x+2)

৮৮. Find the area of the triangle formed by the points located at  (5, 2), (-9, -3) and (-3, -5).

উত্তরঃ  29 square unit

৮৯. a is greater than b by 2 and b  is greater than c by 10. If (a+b+c) = 130, then b+c-a = ?

উত্তরঃ  34

৯০. 25 percent of 30 is 75 percent of what number?

উত্তরঃ  10

Security Printing Exam Question Solutions (কম্পিউটার ও আইসিটি অংশের সমাধান)

৯১. Which one of the following is not an application software?

উত্তরঃ  Red Hat Linux

৯২. Which one of the following is equal to 2KB?

উত্তরঃ  2048 Byte

৯৩. Which initial program is called at the starting of a computer?

উত্তরঃ  Bootstrap Loader

৯৪. Which one of the following defines a set of instructions to complete a task?

উত্তরঃ  Program

৯৫. Default port for HTTP?

উত্তরঃ  80

৯৬. URL stands for – Ans:

উত্তরঃ  Uniform Resource Locator

৯৭. Which one is the text based web browser?

উত্তরঃ  Lynx

৯৮. How many bits in IPv6?

উত্তরঃ  128

৯৯. In which generation, the microprocessor was introduced in the computer system?

উত্তরঃ  fourth generation

১০০. An OR gate can be imagined as-

উত্তরঃ  Switches connected in parallel

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Security Printing Exam Question Solution-05

Security Printing Exam Result-2021

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